Artistic area


A comprehensive artistic programme which constitutes dance, music and visual arts workshops for special abilities

This programme is viewed as being a form of complementary training within the education of every pupil. Music, dance and visual arts improve the quality of life, providing various methods of personal expression and developing both social skills and personal features. Artistic workshops are not only therapeutic experiences for the foundation’s students, but also produce artwork which those outside of the foundation can interact with.

Features of the artistic programme:

  • Designed for those aged from two years old through to adulthood
  • Group work (determined by age and individual ability)
  • Individual work
  • Evening schedule from 4pm to 8pm

Expresión Corporal

Body expression

We work on two aspects of the body’s possibilities: physical and expressive. In the physical area we include psychomotor activity, body modeling/positioning, mobility and equilibrium. In the expressive field we look for developing the methods that everyone has to communicate through dance. In this sense we focus on the pupil’s enjoyment of the activity, their personal satisfaction and creativity.


Plastic arts

In the plastic arts workshop, perception is key (I cut observation- but ‘observation and perception are key’ is also great). After dissecting the image in countless captivating details, we restore it in a whole piece through recalling the former image.

This process is achieved thanks to lots of tools: photography, collage, written storytelling, history of art, visual description, theory of color and drawing, art installation, performance, mime and multisensory.



Music and its playful aspects: music and movement, sound and its features, the rhythm and its perception and listening to different music genres.

Music and its formal aspects: music language, accompaniment, harmony and learning how to play an instrument.

Talleres de verano

Summer workshop

Every summer several activities and trips are organised, combining fun and art they make the most of our environment:

Month: July

Shift: fortnightly

Schedule: morning or evening

Categories:children, teens and adults.

Registration:open from May.